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Private Collection

In the background we also have our own private collection of Holdens, Fords and Valiants we are restoring back to period correct specifications to demonstrate the quality work we do.


We purchase all our muscle cars direct and depending on how the vehicle presents a closed door, or a rotisserie restoration may be completed.

​Numbers Matching
ALL our cars retain the original ADR (Australian Design Rules) compliance plates, body and driveline.

We spend endless hours researching, sourcing parts and recovering the history from the car's bygone era. In most cases the cars we restore range from mid-60’s to mid 70’s. The tags of the vehicle are deciphered to reveal the original manufactured details of the car including specifications like the exterior and interior colours, model, series, and a range of roadworthy related information. 


  • The vehicle is likely to have been stored for decades prior to restore.

  • The vehicles have no accident history.

  • The tags in majority of the vehicles have never been removed.

  • Some of the vehicles come with complete original paperwork including log books, purchase papers etc.

​Original Old School
All our cars are restored to the correct period in which they were manufactured. This means parts used are either NOS (new old stock), brand new parts individuals have purchased for these cars during the years they were available to purchase and kept them. Or new parts are sourced.

All our restoration work is heavily documented with photos and videos.

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