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Our History

Michael (Owner) had a dream, and after more than 18 years as a FIFO! The birth of his first baby Jake, made it a reality. He needed to be home more often!

He turned his passion for saving Aussie muscle cars and background as a first-class machinist/mechanical fitter into restoring late 60’s to mid 70’s classics, to as close to period correct as they were manufactured.

Michael has over 20 years mechanical experience, engineering qualifications and a wealth of muscle car knowledge. He spends endless hours researching, sourcing parts and the history from a bygone era to restore cars back to original old school.


Through restoring his own private collection of vehicles his knowledge and workmanship began to spread Australia-wide and with the closing of Holden many Australian muscle car enthusiasts were keen to have him involved in their own restoration journey. He became known as the ‘Period Correct Restoration Specialist’.


Obtaining the appropriate licenses including a repairers certificate in the relevant classes (LVW, PAW & PBW) and establishing a state of the art automotive restoration facility he began taking on client work.

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