Family owned and operated local business


MMC Period Correct Restoration Specialist

Michael had a dream, and after more than 18 years as a FIFO! The birth of our first baby Jake, made it a reality. He needed to be home more often!

He turned his passion for saving Aussie muscle cars and background as a first class machinist/mechanical fitter into restoring late 60’s to mid 70’s classics, to as close to period correct as they were manufactured.

Michael has over 20 years mechanical  experience, engineering qualifications and a wealth of muscle car knowledge. He spends endless hours researching, sourcing parts and the history from a bygone era to restore the car to original old school.

The rest of the team support Michael in his passion.

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Johnny 'Gaps'

Our very own panel beater Johnny, also known as 'Johnny Gaps' for his meticulous gap work! Johnny joined the team in January 2020.


His wife and right hand woman, full time Mum and part time Marketing Advisor, ensures Munster Muscle Cars' reputation for originality, workmanship and attention to detail is well known not only in Western Australia but Australia wide.

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Born in mid-2016, Jake played a significant part in the reason Munster Muscle Cars was established. His birth put life into perspective. Hopefully one day he'll inherit the same drive, passion and legacy Munster Muscle Cars has built.

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Born December 2017.

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Born October 2019. 

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The French Mastiff

Predecessor of Bill. Keeps the delivery drivers and posties on their toes, and ensures the security of the premises.

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The Jack Russell

Keeps the workshop free from any pests that may interfere with the restorations and also alerts security. 

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Our Journey!

It's this same passion, hard work and attention to detail we put into every car we restore at MMC!